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Serbia Culture


Serbia culture is a historically eventful because of the invasion of different nations at different points of time. Yet, in spite of the multicultural influence, the Balkan natives of Serbia have sustained their own culture and tradition while adopting to many new ways of life and various customs.


Serbia, though famous throughout the world for the Sarajevo tragedy that led to the First World War, has a significant pre-war history dating back to before Christ era.

The land of Serbia had been inhabited by the natives who had built civilization around the Tisa, Sava and the Danube river around the 3500 BC to 7000 BC.

Consequently, the Serbian region had been occupied and ruled by the Roman empire, the nomadic Slavs, the Nemanjic Dynasty, the Mediaval Zeta, the Ottoman King

The cultural diversity of the people of the Serbian region is evident in their style of dressing, the food they eat, their music and folk dance, the Serbian literature, in short all aspects of national life.

The Serbian Orthodox Church had played a major role in upholding the cause of the native Serbians in the Ottoman regime.

The culture imposed by the orthodox church on the Serbs had the strongest influence which is evident till date.

It was during the later half of the 19th century and the early half of the 20th century that the Serbian culture underwent a positive make over after a long period of suppression under the Turkish rule.

It was during this time, the costume of the Serbian people evolved in more refined version.

The Serbian musical culture is rich. There are about 30 different types of folklore in the different regions.