How to add an exhibition?

Have you decided to add the exhibition to our website? Then read the rules of the exhibition

How to add a description of the exhibition?

1. The first item is the most important: you must LOGIN to your personal account. To do this, you can use your E-mail and password or use one of the social networks (Factbook or Google).

2. Go to the "Add" tab and click on the "Add Exhibition" button. After filling in all the necessary fields, information about the exhibition will be checked by our site moderator and it will become available to all users.

Rules for placing the exhibition

1. An exhibition can be added only by a registered user of the site.

2. If the exhibition has already been posted on the site, then it cannot be added again. Thus, we eliminate duplicate information. The site moderator deletes duplicate information without notice.

3. The site is not responsible for the information posted on the exhibition, so check the information on the exhibition with the official organizers.

4. The site moderator can correct grammar and spelling errors in the text.

5. The site moderator can translate the exhibition into other available languages ​​of the site. Now the site is available in three languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

6. The site moderator can add (replace, delete) the picture to the exhibition.

7. The site moderator can add (replace, delete) the subject of the exhibition.

8. The site moderator can add (replace, delete) the name and description of the exhibition.

How to attract more visitors to the exhibition?

Post only true information about the exhibition. Write a beautiful description and add a bright photo of the exhibition. Click on the "Share" button on any social network and even more users will see your exhibition.

The most important thing to promote the exhibition is to write more comments under the description, then your exhibition will be in the TOP.