The Education System in Serbia

The Education System in Serbia
The Republic of Serbia has instituted its Ministry of Education to attend to the educational needs of the country.


The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on the other hand, is responsible for the conduct of research projects that are influential to the Serbian government.

As early as 1886, this academy has been producing scientific and philosophical researches that have been of prime importance to the shaping of Serbian national policies and also the Serbian society as a whole.

For the children of Serbia, elementary education is a compulsory matter. Some are enrolled as early as pre-school, but most are enrolled in elementary schools.

At the elementary school, the children receive their education for eight years, usually from the age of seven to the age of fifteen.

After graduating from this, the students have several options to choose from in their effort to move forward.

First of all, they have the option to attend high school.This would entail another four years of schooling.

Secondly, they can choose to attend a specialist school.This is somewhat faster to finish than high school because some of the courses offered could be completed in as short a time as two years.

Thirdly, the students can also choose to enroll in a vocational training course. Just like the specialist school, vocational courses usually take two years to complete.

For those who would want to continue on to university education, they will have to finish either high school or specialist school. Completion of Vocational training is not enough to enroll at the universities.