Asia (Thailand)

Alcohol in Thailand

Thailand is a very reasonable place to get plastered on alcohol. Cocktails at street side cocktail stalls typically cost less than USD 3. You can drink a dozen of these and not get drunk, letting you know that potency isn't a strong point with Thai-made cocktails, if they actually get made right. Then again, I've been in Western countries where I've paid USD 7-10 or more for similar drinks, and I could've still recited the alphabet backwards.

Europe (Andorra)

Drinks of Andorra

In Andorra you will find many Catalonian specialities. One of them is the famous Granizado.

It can be made from various drinks; from orange or lemon juice, from coffee or liqueurs with crushed ice blended until the drink resembles a thick purée. [...]

Africa (Madagascar)

Cuisine of Madagascar

Cuisine of Madagascar traditionally consists of a base of rice (vary) with some form of accompaniment (laoka), although in the southwest rice may be supplemented or replaced by maize that has been dried, ground and reconstituted. Cuisines of France, China, India, and to a lesser extent East African and Arabian cultures have all made their influence felt in Madagascar. [...]

Africa (Mauritania)

Mauritanian Cuisine

The cuisine of Mauritania includes the culinary practices of the West African nation of Mauritania. Historically, what is now Mauritania, has been influenced by Arab and African peoples who have lived in and traversed the "stark" landscape marked with Sahara desert dunes in caravans. [...]

Africa (Mauritius)

Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian cuisine encapsulates culinary delights of various countries as it is a cosmopolitan place. The Mauritian foods range from Indian, Chinese, Mughlai to French. Tomato is an important ingredient which is used to cook Creole cuisine. [...]