Europe (Belgium)

Overview of Belgium

Belgium is a state in Western Europe. It is a founding member of the European Union and hosts the EU's headquarters, as well as those of several other major international organizations such as NATO.

Europe (Italy)

Geography of Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe and comprises the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula and a number of islands including the two largest, Sicily and Sardinia. [...]

Europe (Bulgaria)

Easter traditions in Bulgaria

Easter is one of the most significant holidays in the Bulgarian calendar. Starting with Palm Sunday, the holy week leads up to the Great Day. In the country, the festival is popularly known as "Velikden", which literally means 'the faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ'. Easter traditions in Bulgaria are a derivative of the Eastern Orthodox Church rituals. In tune with worldwide Orthodox traditions, bright red colored eggs and Easter breads known as "kolache" or "kozunak" are the prominent symbols of Easter in Bulgaria. In the article, explore all about the traditions and celebrations of Easter in Bulgaria. [...]

Asia (East Timor)

The capital of East Timor is Dili

The capital of East Timor, Dili, is also the largest city of the small and under-developed Asian republic. The capital of East Timor is situated on the northern coast of this small island nation. [...]

Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Administrative divisions

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into ten cantons (kanton or županija): Una-Sana, Unsko-Sanski Kanton Posavina, Posavski Kanton Tuzla, Tuzlanski Kanton Zenica-Doboj, Zeničko-Dobojski Kanton Bosnian Podrinje, Bosanskopodrinjski Kanton Central Bosnia, Srednjebosanski Kanton or Županija Središnja Bosna Herzegovina-Neretva, Hercegovačko-neretvanski Kanton or Hercegovačko-neretvanska ... [...]

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