Best Hotels (Hostels) in different countries

Hotel Review: Gansevoort South in Miami Beach

Since it opened in Manhattan in 2004, the Gansevoort Hotel, with its rooftop pool overlooking the meatpacking district, has been generating buzz. The owners hoped to take that buzz to South Beach, where they bought a vast 1960s building called the Roney Plaza and carved out a 334-room hotel along one edge.

Secret Hotels of Paris

In a city known more for romance than thrift, there are still hotels that combine the best of both. Here are six blessedly under-the-radar options—spread across some of the city's most charming arrondissements—all for well under $200 a night.

37 Secrets of the Caribbean

From swish $80 suites in the Grenadines to Jamaica`s own gondola rides, the Caribbean is full of surprises this season. The biggest shock? What you`ll end up paying. Budget Travel editors hunt out the best bargains this season.