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Things to see and do in Serbia



Explore Belgrade, the national capital. In the Old Town, visit Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Nearby landmarks include the Orthodox Cathedral (Saborna Crkva) and Princess Ljubica's Konak, an 1831 Turkish-style residence.


Dine out in Skadarlija

Belgrade's 19th-century bohemian quarter boasts national restaurants and art galleries. Jump aboard and have a meal at one of the floating restaurants along the Danube.

Djerdap National Park

Explore Djerdap National Park, which spans 64,000 hectares (158,146 acres). Its main attraction is the Djerdap Gorge, a river valley made from four gorges. Other national parks are Sara, Fruska Gora, Kopaonik and Tara.

Fruska Gora

Go hiking or birdwatching in the Fruska Gora ( hills to the south of Novi Sad, following woodland trails and discovering half-hidden monasteries.

Monastery of Zica

Near Kraljevo, visit the restored Monastery of Zica where the kings of Serbia used to be crowned. In this same part of central Serbia, the Kalenic and Ljubostina convents are fine examples of the Serbian Morava School of architecture.


Visit some of Belgrade's excellent museums and galleries: the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Ethnographical Museum, Fresco Museum and the Nikola Tesla Museum.


See the Ottoman sights of Nis, Serbia's third largest city in the southeast. Visit the Turkish fortress, the Skull Tower and the remains of the Roman town of Mediana.

Novi Sad

See Novi Sad ( said to be the 'Serbian Athens', and the country's second city. This attractive city on the Danube is a cultural centre with museums, galleries, libraries and theatres along with numerous churches that represent a wide variety of denominations.

Sargan Eight Railway

Take a pleasure ride on the Sargan Eight Railway at Mokra Gora, close to the Bosnian border. The hour-long railway journey climbs 300m (1,000ft) in just 3.5km (2 miles).

Wine routes

Follow one of Serbia's wine routes. The Palic wine route follows the trail of 'Wines from the Sands' where the wine-making tradition is over 2,000 years old. Other wine routes in Serbia are: Vrsac, Oplenac, Smederevo, Negotin and Zupa.