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Serbia Currency


Serbian Dinar is the official Serbia Currency that is and one Serbian Dinar is divided into 100 Paras. YUM 5000, 1000, 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 are some of the important denominations of notes. Coin denomination includes 50 Paras, YUM 1, YUM 2, and YUM 5. The value of 1 Serbia Dinar is equals to 0.17019 dollars.


Money Exchange in Serbia

Belgrade has a money exchange machine, which accepts dollars, euros and sterling. There are also other important money exchange offices in Belgrade and other parts of Serbia.

However, the travelers to this country should be informed that although some of the large hotels may accept Traveler's Check, but it is largely unacceptable in most transaction.

Instead all payments by the tourists are to be done in cash.

Financial Transaction in Serbia

There are also few ATMs in Serbia, which accepts international credit cards.

This enables the tourists to carry out important monetary transaction through their credit cards during their stay in Serbia.

There are also some important and large hotels and restaurants in Serbia, which also willingly accepts Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

However, it should be remembered that the acceptance of debit and credit cards is not universal in Serbia.

Import and Export of Foreign and Domestic Currency

The monetary system adopted by Serbia allows unlimited import of foreign currency while the import of domestic currency of Serbia is limited to 120,000 Dinars.

On the other hand, export of both foreign and domestic currencies is limited.

Thus, it can be concluded that these important information about Serbia Currency always proves to be helpful for the international travelers.