Christmas traditions of the different countries

Christmas in Australia

Say goodbye to your winter hats and your well-stuffed goose; Christmas in Australia is a much different affair to those back in the Northern Hemisphere. There’s no snow, no cold weather and definitely no hot cocoa (unless you’re the type of person that enjoys hot beverages on extremely hot days).

Christmas in Belgium

In Belgium there are two Santa Claus figures. There is St. Niklaas and Pere Noel.

Christmas in Andorra

In Andorra Christmas is family celebration. For Christmas there are a lot of activites :
- Shows for children
-A visit of Santa Claus at school for the children -Santa claus talks to the kids one by one

And for the 31 december at midnight there are :
-A ball and discos for the teenagers.

Christmas in Belarus

Christmas in Belarus has been celebrated in their traditional ways since immemorial times.The ritualistic and religious dimension of the Christmas in Belarus undergone a change in recent times so that the festival has become more secular even though the traditional symbols and mood has remained the same.

Christmas Season in Austria

The time from late November to the end of the year has a very special meaning in Austria. Visit Austria's christmas markets, try some Gluehwein and enjoy the spirit of Christmas...

Christmas in Ukraine

Most Christians in the Ukraine belong to the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox recognizes the Julian calendar, so that Christmas is celebrated on January 7.

Christmas in Albania

Christmas in Albania is really worth watching. Christmas is celebrated across the world with great glory.