Christmas in Albania


Christmas in Albania is really worth watching. Christmas is celebrated across the world with great glory.


The birth anniversary of Our Lord Jesus is a phenomenal event for the Albanians.

The population of Albania is mixed with Moslems and Christians. But the best part is that both the religious communities celebrate this occasion with the same fervor.

Christmas in Albania is unique, very different from what we are accustomed with.

The Albania Christmas is a festival for the entire family. Travelers to the country will be delighted to find the way the Albanians celebrate this grand event.

The people of Albania share a wonderful family bond. For them Christmas means coming together with the loved ones and observe this pious day with great pomp. Christmas celebrations are made with the family members.

The traditional rituals like attending the midnight mass on 24th night and going to the church in the morning is religiously followed by all the Christians of Albania.

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals of the nation. Gifts are exchanged on this auspicious occasion. The gift giving tradition is going on for a long time.

Feasting is an important part of Christmas in Albania. All the households of the country cook their conventional Christmas meals on that day. Dining together is a must for all.

Stuffed Turkey and delectable desserts form the most important part of Christian meals. Several tasty side dishes are also prepared. The famous dessert called Bakllava which is known as Baklavash in American is the specialty of Albanian Christmas dinner. It is actually a pie which is very difficult to prepare. This is one of the most lip smacking dishes of Christmas.

The Christmas Tree is a prominent feature of Albania Christmas. The capital city of Tirana is decorated with a huge Christmas tree which is very similar to the renowned Christmas tree of New York. Tourists will be very delighted to participate at the various Christmas parties organized by the big hotels.

If you are lucky enough you may also have an opportunity to be a part of the Christmas celebrations at an Albanian Household.