Christmas traditions of the different countries

Christmas in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Christmas is a two-day affair, celebrated mainly on the 25th and 26th of December.It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year and is observed with much fanfare and enthusiasm.

Christmas in Macedonia

The Christmas celebration begins on January 5th, the evening, known as kolede. Children go from door to door singing Christmas carols and receiving fruits, nuts and sweets from the people.

Christmas in Switzerland

Christmas celebrations in Switzerland do not differ very much from those in other western European nations and the United States, for that matter.

Christmas in Serbia

The main Church of Serbia and Montenegro is the Orthodox Church. Like Russia, the tradition is to use the Julian calendar as opposed to the modern Gregorian calendar - at least when it comes to holidays and traditions. Day to day life is ruled by the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas in Liechtenstein

In Liechtenstein, the Christmas season starts around December 6th or 7th.

Christmas in Romania

In Romania, Christmas and mid-winter celebrations last from 20th December to 7th January. The 20th is when people in Romania celebrate St. Ignatius's Day. It is traditional that if the family keep pigs, one is killed on this day. The meat from the pig is used in the Christmas meals.

Slovakia Christmas Traditions

Slovakia's Christmas traditions are similar to those of the Czech Republic. Christmas in Slovakia takes place on December 25th.

Christmas in Portugal

In Portugal, Christmas is celebrated with great fun and fervor. Catholicism being the predominant religion of the country, the festival is observed here with as much solemnity as festive gaiety.

Christmas in France

In France, children leave their shoes by the fireplace on the Christmas Eve so that Pere Noel can fill them with gifts and in the Christmas morning, they usually find sweets, fruits, nuts and small toys for them hung on the tree. Puppets and plays are conducted in cathedral squares to re-enact Nativity plays.

Christmas in Poland

Traditionally, Advent is an important season in the Polish year, with special church services, known as Roraty, being held every morning at 6am. The four Sundays of Advent are said to represent the 4,000 years of waiting for Christ.

Christmas in Russia

In Russia the religious festival of Christmas is being replaced by the Festival of Winter but there are some traditions that are still kept up in some parts of the country.

Christmas in Moldova

Among the religious holiday in the Western tradition Christmas can be safely given the top priority. But in Moldova the situation is slightly different, and the main religious holiday here is usually considered to be Easter.

Christmas in Malta

In Malta, Christmas is known as "Il-Milied" and celebrated on December 25.

Christmas in Norway

In Norway, Christmas is known as "Jul" and celebrated annually on December 25, like in many other places.