Christmas in Andorra


In Andorra Christmas is family celebration. For Christmas there are a lot of activites :
- Shows for children
-A visit of Santa Claus at school for the children -Santa claus talks to the kids one by one

And for the 31 december at midnight there are :
-A ball and discos for the teenagers.


Christmas day food: For Christmas we have turkey and turrons.

The turrons are the Chrismas sweets . They're a bit like nougat and there are a lot of different types : chocolate coffee and almonds etc...

The turrons are typical from Alicante in Spain;, and at Christmas every body eats it.

The midnight mass:

(la missa del gall) On 24th december there is a mass at 23h30 with the bishop and at midnight everybody goes outside to drink hot wine and eat coca ( a sort of cake)