Christmas in Belarus


Christmas in Belarus has been celebrated in their traditional ways since immemorial times.The ritualistic and religious dimension of the Christmas in Belarus undergone a change in recent times so that the festival has become more secular even though the traditional symbols and mood has remained the same.


The Christmas in Belarus is a major occasion for celebration which the tourist must not miss out on since it spans for over a month.

The Christmas in Belarus is celebrated actually twice since it's a Catholic country, on the 25th of December and on the 7th of January respectively.

There is also a pagan element attached to the Christmas in Belarus where along with the celebration of the rise of the new god the old deities of the Belarus are not absolutely forgotten.

The interesting blending of the old and the new makes the Christmas in Belarus an unique event. The most symbolic factor categorizing the Christmas in Belarus is the Kolyady or the Christmas carols.
Simultaneous a visit to the church or the cathedral is an important ceremony reinforcing the religious aspect of the Belarus Christmas. The tourist will see plenty of common people visiting them in the large cities of Minsk and in the Grodno Region along your Belarus travel.

Another component which chiefly enhances the festive mood for Christmas in Belarus are the elaborate feasts where boiled rice is taken with raisins and honey, several pies as well as gammon and a goose.

Along with these, dishes are also made out of mushrooms; the herring, vereschaka, boiled fruits, oats kissel are the other traditional items in the Christmas feast. To crown it all the tourist can also taste the nuts and raisins mixed which are added to the several dishes. This is indeed an interesting innovation.

The whole atmosphere that characterizes the Christmas in Belarus is fascinating with the natural surroundings finely spread in the enormous sheets of frost and snow. With beautiful and bright garlands and small green and silvery Christmas trees adorning the landscape, you will experience an enriching view of this Belarus Holiday.