Christmas traditions of the different countries

Christmas Day in United States

Many people in the United States celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. The day celebrates Jesus Christ's birth. It is often combined with customs from pre-Christian winter celebrations. Many people erect Christmas trees, decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts.

Christmas in Ecuador

Christmas, or Navidad, in Ecuador is probably most celebrated holiday throughout the year. As a very religious country, Ecuador is also very family-oriented, but during Christmas family traditions are doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. Christmas is indeed family time, but there are, however, other incredibly sweet and heartwarming Christmas customs and traditions in Ecuador.

Christmas celebration in Venezuela

In Venezuela, Christmas is celebrated on December 24th.The celebration of the festival here is a harmonious balance of solemnity and gaiety. Venezuela being a predominantly Catholic country, Christmas festivities in the country focus on the birth of Baby Jesus. Christmas is celebrated here with a number of religious and traditional customs.

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas is one of the four most important festivals of the Vietnamese year, including the birthday of Buddha, the New Year and the Mid-autumn Festival. Although the Christians observed the religious rituals of Christmas.

Christmas in Spain

In Spain it is a very festive time at Christmas. On Christmas Eve, as the stars come out, tiny oil lamps are lit in every house, and after Midnight Mass and Christmas Dinner, streets fill with dancers and onlookers. There is a special Christmas dance called the Jota and the words and music have been handed down for hundreds of years. They dance to the sound of guitars and castanets.

Christmas in Iceland: Iceland's Christmas Traditions

Spending Christmas in Iceland? Learn about Iceland's christmas traditions here. First of all, "Merry Christmas" in Icelandic means "Gleðileg jól (og farsælt komandi ár / and a happy new year)!"

Irish Christmas Traditions

Nollaig Shona Dhuit is Merry Christmas in Irish Gaelic, which is still taught in schools in Eire, the Irish Republic. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Christmas in Ireland is a traditional holiday in both parts of the island, and very much a family and religious celebration!

Christmas In Gibraltar

While you’re here on Gibraltar, take the time to spend some fun Holiday shopping in one of the most unique and cost effective places to do your Christmas shopping in the world.

Christmas in Mali

Mali is a mainly Muslim country, but Christmas is also an official public holiday. In Mali, most Christmas celebrations take place in Churches, where people remember the real meaning of Christmas, that Jesus came into the world as a baby.

Christmas in Bolivia

In Bolivia Christmas (Navidad) continues to be deeply religious, maintaining the original meaning and purpose of the holiday. Most families set up a “pesebre” (nativity scene) in their homes and churches usually have very large ones somewhere outside the main door. The word pesebre literally means "stable". Sometimes people call them "nacimientos" (nativity scenes).

Christmas in Greece

Are you trying to decide where to go on your Christmas holidays and still haven't made up your mind? Why not consider Christmas in Greece? True, it is not the traditional Christmas holiday destination, but it has so much to offer that it will be one of the most unforgettable holidays in your life!

Christmas in Armenia

The Armenian Apostolic Church still uses the old Julian Calendar, Christmas is celebrated on January 6th. The Christmas holiday season starts on New Year's Eve (December 31st) and continues until the old Julian calendar's New Year's Eve on January 13th.

Christmas celebration in Argentina

Christmas Day in Argentina is observed every year on the 25th December.

Hungary Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Hungary, celebrated on December 25, is sometimes preceded by observance of the Advent. Budapest's Christmas Market is already in full swing during the beginning of December, so if you're in Hungary's capital city during this time of year, the Christmas market is an excellent place to find traditional gifts and sample seasonal Hungarian foods.