Christmas traditions of the different countries

Christmas in Iraq

In the Christian homes an unusual ceremony is held in the courtyard of the home on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in Malaysia

Malaysia is a magnificent country with lots to attract people from all over the world. Its Christmas celebrations are just one of those few features that draw several thousands tourists.

Luxembourg Christmas

Christmas in Luxembourg is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. In fact, the preparation for the celebration of Christmas at Luxembourg starts much before the actual day.

Christmas In Mauritius

Mauritians enjoy Christmas celebration in a lively tropical summery atmosphere under a usually scorching sun with 26 to 32ºC and even above at times. Yet, this does not stop Santa Claus from popping in with loads of presents for young and old. He certainly brings along enough snow to keep him cool and hydrated during his long trip in the tropics!

Christmas Customs in Estonia

Christmas time is still the most important holiday celebrated in Estonia. For Estonians, Christmas is a mixture of the traditional, the modern, the secular, and the religious. Like in other Nordic states, Estonia's celebration of Christmas mostly falls on Christmas Eve, however, Christmas season starts from Advent with people buying Advent calendars or lighting Advent candles. Each year on December 24, the President of Estonia declares Christmas Peace, which is a 350-year-old tradition in Estonia.

Christmas Celebrations in Monaco

Christmas in Monaco is a popular festival celebrated in the country with the same enthusiasm and fervor as in all other parts of the world. Christmas is one of the important festivals observed in the world.

Christmas in Lithuania

Lithuanian folk tradition treats the Christmas season as a time of religious mystery and folk magic. In past times Lithuanians associated many old superstitions and folk charms with the season. Though no longer taken seriously these magical formulas may still be practiced as a form of entertainment.

Christmas in Cyprus

Cyprus may not have snow during Christmas but it is surely a festive place to be with warm family traditions, special and interesting customs, lots of activities for everyone, unique events and delicious tastes.

Celebrating Christmas in Georgia

Spending the holiday season in another country is the perfect way to really get to know that country’s culture and people. In the Republic of Georgia, Christmas celebrations contain plenty of familiar elements, as well as a number of traditions that are uniquely Georgian.

Christmas Celebrations in East Timor

East Timor has been Roman Catholic since the early phase of the fifteenth century. Henceforth,Christmas in East Timor is celebrated with great energy and gusto.

Latvia Christmas Traditions

Though Latvia celebrates Christmas on December 25, this holiday is closely linked with pagan winter solstice celebrations. Latvians mark the 12 days up until Christmas with gifts. If you're in Riga during the month of December, you can purchase traditional decorations and sample Latvian Christmastime foods at the Riga Christmas Market.

Christmas Celebrations in Israel

Christmas in Israel is celebrated both by the locals as well as foreigners with same merriment and enthusiasm as in other parts of the world. The celebration of Christmas in Israel has a special significance as Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in Israel.

Christmas in Italy

Christmas season in Italy is traditionally celebrated December 24-January 6, or Christmas Eve through Epiphany. This follows the pagan season of celebrations that started with Saturnalia, a winter solstice festival, and ended with the Roman New Year, the Calends.

Christmas Celebrations in Bhutan

Christmas in Bhutan is celebrated with great pomp and show. The inhabitants of Bhutan celebrate Christmas as enthusiastically as any of their religious festivals.