Christmas Celebrations in Monaco

Christmas Celebrations in Monaco
Christmas in Monaco is a popular festival celebrated in the country with the same enthusiasm and fervor as in all other parts of the world. Christmas is one of the important festivals observed in the world.


December is the customary day for celebrating Christmas that marks the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

The revelry of Christmas combine different cultural customs with commemoration of birth of Lord Jesus.

Christmas in Monaco is a public holiday, thus making the celebrations possible with family and friends.

Special cultural events as well as gala dinners are organized in the country throughout the Principality on the Christmas Eve.

During the Christmas Eve, there are various small and big scale parades organized. Vibrantly dressed children participate in this parade.

The whole of Monaco bears a colorful look.

Christmas day also has various special concerts and activities, only for children. The hotels and resorts in europe_monaco offer special packages on this gracious day.

Christmas in Monaco is a special occasion when members of the family gather at home and public place.

Guest performs the rite of the olive branch before their evening meal. This is an important ritual, which is done by the family guests. The youngest or the oldest perform this rite. The guest dips an olive branch into a glass of old wine and then moves to the fireplace.

The fireplace is lighted with pine and laurel branches. The olive branch is moved to trace the sign of holy Cross. Doing this the guests says few words about the olive tress virtues. At the end of the rite, all the members gathered for meals wet the lips of the guests with the same glass of wine.

The dinner table covered with a clean cloth where a round bread loaf as the u pans de Natale or the Christmas loaf. 4 walnuts in shape of a cross are kept that are surrounded by olive twigs.

The Christmas dinner serve is very traditional. The menu comprises of “brandamincium“, that is a Monegasque dish prepared of salt cod mixed with garlic, oil and cream. This dish is accompanied by cardu, a white sauce. Other items of the menu include are barba-giuan, stuffed fritters and fougasses.