Luxembourg Christmas

Luxembourg Christmas
Christmas in Luxembourg is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. In fact, the preparation for the celebration of Christmas at Luxembourg starts much before the actual day.


By December beginning, Kleeschen or St. Nicholas visits the houses to give gifts to the children.

Kleeschen distributes sweets to the children while parading to the City Town Hall on the first Sunday preceding 6th December.

Families gather near the Christmas tree in the evening of the Christmas Eve. They share joy and happiness with one another. They go for prayers in the church in the midnights, which is known as Midnight Mass.

On the day of Christmas in Luxembourg, people cheer each other saying 'Schei Chreschtdeeg' meaning 'have nice Christmas days'.

The most typical of the foods, that are taken on Christmas celebrations of Luxembourg are Stollen and Buche de Noel. Stollen is a fruit loaf made with rum and Buche de Noel is an ice-cream.

Black pudding is also taken in some houses on the day of Christmas in Luxembourg.

Before the actual Christmas day, the markets overflow with Christmas trees, candles, cribs and other decorative items.

Wooden huts are built at places. Musical bands perform to make the whole ambiance very lively