Christmas Celebrations in Bhutan

Christmas Celebrations in Bhutan
Christmas in Bhutan is celebrated with great pomp and show. The inhabitants of Bhutan celebrate Christmas as enthusiastically as any of their religious festivals.


Moreover the landscape of Bhutan is endowed with awesome beauty during Christmas. Trekkers find this season to be the best to make a trip to Bhutan.

Beautiful sunny sky paired with a picturesque landscape makes your Christmas in Bhutan enjoyable and memorable.

The Christmas celebrations of Bhutan are flamboyant. All the major cities are adorned with lights and Christmas trees and miniature Santa Claus are sold in the shops.

Moreover Christmas is the time to exchange gifts. Thus all the gift shops are stacked with alluring presents meant for young and old.

Bhutan Christmas is spent amidst various events. The people visit the local churches and pray for each other’s well being.

The churches are decorated with lights, flowers and Christmas trees.

The Christmas celebrations in Bhutan are done by people of all religion. The festival spreads brotherhood and love among people of all religion.

Christmas in Bhutan is also a time when plenty of travelers flock into the country for spending winter vacation.

The beauty of Bhutan enhances during this time and the accommodations of the place offer heavy discounts to the visitors. Bhutanese food seems very tasty while on a trip to the country.

Christmas carols, smell of baking cakes and cookies and tingling of bells create an admirable atmosphere during Christmas in Bhutan.

Christmas in Bhutan is the best time to visit the country as you will also get to see a wide variety of flora and fauna characteristic of the place.