Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia
Malaysia is a magnificent country with lots to attract people from all over the world. Its Christmas celebrations are just one of those few features that draw several thousands tourists.


The awesome embellishments and intense ardor add to the festivities of Christmas here. The birth of Jesus is celebrated with a lot of love, jubilance, giving, and forgiving.

Though this country constitutes about 7-10 percent of Christians, but the entire Malaysia eagerly waits for Christmas to arrive every December.

Most Christians indulge in offering prayers, reading the Bible, or observing fasts as the day approaches nearer. The festival proves to be a great time for family and friends to come together and spend a marvelous time.

Unlike other western countries, Malaysia experiences a moderate temperature during this festival. Christmas is a national holiday in Malaysia, but has a more secular view than the religious one.

All markets and malls of Malaysia get beautified with special Christmas decorative ornaments.

Malaysia has its own style of celebrating this vibrant festival. Christians affix Christmas trees in their homes few days before Christmas.

Small children start preparing for Christmas carols for this auspicious occasion which is evident from the cute voices heard from most of the houses. Santa Claus is a major attraction for kids in Malaysia.

A person dresses up in red and white attire, wishes "Merry Christmas" to everyone, and hands out candies to small children. Christians gather in the church at mid night on Christmas Eve in new clothes and pray together.

Before the beginning of the mid night prayer, a number of enjoyable programs are presented, prepared by people during the entire December.

After offering prayers, they greet to each other and enjoy tempting fruit cakes and sparkling wines. People at the church exchange gifts. They click photographs for preserving memories of this special day.

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur offers a magnificent view during this auspicious occasion of Christmas.

The Christian and church communities visit hospitals, churches, and orphanages to spread the bliss all around.

Traditionally, people used to have chicken casserole, baked potatoes, carrots, and peas on Christmas as the festive meal.

But with the increasing popularity of Christmas, the menu has also undergone several modifications. As such, Christmas meals now consist of roast turkey and beef, coupled with fruit cocktails.

The shopping malls and markets are illuminated and decorated with great zeal. The lighting on the streets is highly remarkable.

Many large-scale and small-scale events are organized by various malls to attract larger crowds. Celebrating Christmas in Malaysia is a great idea to experience real fun and festivity.