New Year traditions of the different countries

Czech New Year traditions

Christmas and New Year are occasions for great family celebrations. The Czech and Slovak nations, after their Christianization in the ninth and tenth centuries, incorporated some of their pre-Christian customs pertaining to the New Year celebration into the holidays.

New Year In Vietnam

Tet means the first morning of the New Year in Vietnamese language and Nguyen dan is the popular name for the Vietnamese New Year.

New Year in Brunei

New Year in Brunei will be a delightful option for travelers and tourists from across the world. Brunei is a small country in the Asian Continent. This nation is set on the Borneo Island.

New Year in Brazil

Brazilian New Year is one of the most traditionally celebrated festival for the people living there. New Year in Brazil is known as Ano Nove (Portuguese) but is more popularly known as Revillion. It is celebrated on January 1 as per the Gregorian Calendar.

New Year is the time when people from various parts of the world like to celebrate it in Brazil. Pubs, party halls, clubs, beaches and even roads are thronged with people.

New Year in Liechtenstein

New Year in Liechtenstein is celebrated always in a different way every year.

Liechtenstein located in the western part of Europe has a unique way of ushering in the New Year.Watching the celebration of New Year in Liechtenstein is an experience that is not to be missed.

New Year in Andorra

New Year in Andorra is all about dancing, singing, merry-making and whiskey drinking.
It is the biggest party of the year for the natives. New Year in Andorra is celebrated with great pomp and show.

New Year in Algeria

The Amazigh people of Algeria celebrated New Year 2598 on January 12th with traditional festivities, special food and parties reflecting their cultural heritage and ethnic pride. The annual event, known as "Yennayer", marks the beginning of the new farming year.

New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated with special songs, greetings as well as gifts. There are celebrations and festivals on the eve of New Year and the country provides its own styles. There is huge fireworks display on New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many different activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that people indulge in during the New Year time.

New Year's Eve In Denmark

With New Year being a special moment which arrives once ion an year, everyone puts in a lot to try to make it a special and memorable one for them. Denmark is no exception. New Years Eve can said to be a beginning point for celebrating the true essence of New Year, which is precisely reflective in the way people bid goodbye to the Old Year, and welcome New Year on New Year’s Eve.

New Year in Madagascar

New Year in Madagascar is one of the most interesting and exciting way to begin in Madagascar. New Year in Madagascar brings to you the age old traditions of the place.

New Year in Mauritius

Traditionally, many Mauritian families consider Christmas as a celebration for kids and young people and therefore tend to celebrate more on New Year instead.

New Year in Monaco

New Year in Monaco is a fun time for everyone. The small nation of Monaco is decked with light and beautiful decorations and people are seen enjoying everywhere.

New Year in Bhutan (Losar)

New Year in Bhutan is one of the major festivals of the country. Like its neighbor, India Bhutanese people also welcome New Year with open hands. The English New year and the local New Year are celebrated with equal grandeur.

Bulgarian New Year

This is another New Year's custom, expressing young girls' eagerness to get married and enjoy a happy family life. Ladouvane is a maidens' rite performed on the day before New Year only in Western Bulgaria, the Central Balkan Range and in some regions along the Danube River.

New Year's Eve in Hungary

New Year's Eve in Hungary is both a night of celebration with the rest of the world and a night of Hungarian traditions. While opening a bottle of champagne and counting down until the clock strikes midnight are a usual part of the Hungarian New Year's Eve celebrations, some Hungarians still enjoy practicing the customs of their ancestors. New Year's Eve in Hungary is called Szilveszter, or Silvester.