New Year in Brunei


New Year in Brunei will be a delightful option for travelers and tourists from across the world. Brunei is a small country in the Asian Continent. This nation is set on the Borneo Island.


This country is surrounded by other countries like Malaysia and others. This country was under the British rule and it got independence in January in the year 1984.This country has a Sultan who rules over this country.

New Year in Brunei will make your visit to this country a worthwhile experience.

The Culture of Brunei is very diverse. The countries which this nation came in contact have left their impressions here. You can see them in the culture of this country.

You will have a good time exploring this country which has many places of interest which are very beautiful and are worth a visit.

Many Festivals and Events in Brunei are celebrated with great enthusiasm in this country of Brunei. Some of the well known festivals celebrated here include Christmas in Brunei and Brunei New Year.

The New Year in Brunei is celebrated like any other parts of the world. It is celebrated on the eve of 31st of December and 1st of January.

Many a people come together to celebrate this day irrespective of their caste and creed. Many a parties, events and social programmes are organized on this day.

This day is held to mark the end of the previous year and celebration of the New Year. You can find many nightclubs and discotheques celebrating this day with great exuberance.

Chinese New Year in Brunei is also celebrated here. This day is observed by referring to the lunar calendar.

It is celebrated by the Chinese sect. This festival continues for 2 weeks. The family and friends come together and celebrate these days of the festival and exchange gifts. Traditional cookies as well as food are in abundance during these days of the celebrations.

Even Persian New Year is celebrated here. Persian poetry, music, dance are performed and delicious cuisines are made to celebrate this day. This day is celebrated by the Persians residing in the country of Brunei.