New Year traditions of the different countries

New Year's Eve in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, celebrates New Year's Eve with parties and concerts. While the main square is the center of activities, festivities can be enjoyed in other areas of the city, too.

Iranian New Year

Iranians are mostly Muslims and celebrate the New Year on the first day of their spring.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Indonesia

Most Chinese festivals, whether based on seasons, myths about gods or ghosts, or a combination of these, stem from a belief in worshipping the gods to appease them and prevent misfortune. The biggest celebration is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year's celebrations in Indonesia, known locally as Imlek, incorporate customs, beliefs and practices brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants who still follow the practices handed down from their parents.

New Year's Eve in Moldova

The entire world is excited about coming winter holidays! Moldova isn’t an exception. So, Moldavians are also happy to Christmas and New Year. Moldova is also preparing to this great holidays!

Malta New Year

Malta has always been a booming tourist destination. Tourists choose Malta as a favorite destination spot not only on new years but also throughout the year because it is a place where you can do a lot of exciting things. By visiting historical places, you can eventually relieve the past and history of the monuments and historic places in Malta.

New Year in Australia

New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety by whole of Australia. January 1 is the New Year's day in Australia as per the Gregorian Calendar. New Year Celebrations end on January 6.

New Year in Latvia

New Year is a major event in Latvia. New Year in Latvia is celebrated with pomp and show. A good number of New Year parties are organized in Latvia. New Year in Latvia is also an important event for tourists coming to Latvia. They take part in the different rituals, practices and also go for New Year cruises and tours.

New Years Eve in Chile

Chile has highly splendid and magnificent New Year celebrations. The New Years Eve in Chile is simply pleasurable, much supported by the pleasant climatic conditions. When most part of the world is under extreme cold conditions during New year's time, Chile has a comparatively pleasantly warm weather, which offers a respite to all those who have been otherwise skipping their New Year celebrations on the grounds of unsupportive cold weather.

New Year in India

New Year has become a national festival in India. The excitement to celebrate the event is present everywhere. The day is celebrated with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm and is marked by prayers', parties, New Year fetes and social feasts.

New Year in Colombia - Traditions and Customs

New Year is considered as a very prominent and special time by the natives of Colombia. Colombia is considered as a country with a blend of different rich customs, and traditions, which are pretty perceptible by the way with which people in Colombia engage and celebrate New Year. Colombia, which is situated in the northwest part of South America, celebrates its New Year in accordance to the Georgian calendar, i.e. on January 1.

New Year’s traditions in Georgia

Georgian folk rituals of various parts of Georgia differ from each other. People meet New Year differently in different parts of Georgia.

New year in Ecuador

New Year in Ecuador is as much about the Old Year as the new. Effigies are made of old clothes stuffed with newspaper and adorned with a mask. These are known as the "Año Viejos" or Old Years, and are burnt at midnight on New Year's Eve. The idea is to leave any negativity or problems behind in the old year and start afresh.

New Year in Venezuela - Traditions and Customs

The tropical South American country of Venezuela celebrates New Year on January 1 according to Georgian calendar. Being considered as an important festival as well as time of the year, New Year is celebrated with great spectacle and display by the natives of Venezuela.

New Year in East Timor

New Year in East Timor is all about heading towards a fresh start of another year; leaving the present year behind. Every year on the New Year day, people across the small island nation celebrate the coming time with great fun and enjoyment.