New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina

New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated with special songs, greetings as well as gifts. There are celebrations and festivals on the eve of New Year and the country provides its own styles. There is huge fireworks display on New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many different activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that people indulge in during the New Year time.


The Bosnia and Herzegovina New Yea has its own color and charm.

It is one of the famous festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The scene reminds of the rich culture of the people of Bosnia. Bosnia and Herzegovina with its fine arts and architecture provide the right passion and sheer enthusiasm to the New Year celebration.

The New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated on 1st January and is the time for greeting for the year ahead. It is also the time for bidding goodbye to the year passing by.

The fundamental part of the New Year is the merrymaking people do. The time is laced with the liveliness mixed with charm. People celebrate New Year with sumptuous food, and classy wines. There are smell of cakes, pastries and candles which idealizes the New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the most important festivals of the country.

The madness of new years starts around 2300 hours of 31sy December when goes till the wee hours of the next day. All the restaurants and bars in Bosnia and Herzegovina are filled to capacity during this time of the year.

Tourists and local people come out to the streets with bottle of wines, regardless of the place they are staying in the country. At the stroke of midnight, there are loud cheers with people sharing drinks from their own bottles.

Some people enjoy the traditional dinner and dancing during this time. The mood is more romantic and vibrant. People visit relatives and friends houses at this time and exchange greetings and gifts.

Children wait for this day to get special gifts from the adults. The young people exchange pranks and jokes among themselves. At the end of the day, everybody gather and celebrate the day eating together.