New Year in Monaco

New Year in Monaco
New Year in Monaco is a fun time for everyone. The small nation of Monaco is decked with light and beautiful decorations and people are seen enjoying everywhere.


This is the time to spend with family and friends. Greetings are exchanged and best of luck and good wishes are given to every one. New Year in Monaco is a public holiday that brings much cheerfulness and merry-making.

All the cities in Monaco organize various themed parties that start with the Christmas celebrations.

Feasting is a common activity in the country. Family and friends gather together to raise a toast at midnight.

Various nightclubs and hotels in the country organize special parties on the New Year eve.

Tourists, during this time of the year will love the party mood of the country. What a better way to start the New Year than enjoying a holiday tour in the exotic Monaco with closed pals or family members.

The markets and shopping plazas in Monaco have lovely decorations. Crystal balls, paper cutouts and colorful lights make the shopping areas more enticing and attractive.

People on this special occasion buy new stuffs like clothes and gift for themselves and for the family. Shops during this festive period offer fabulous discounts at various items and gifts.

From Christmas to New Year, people in Monaco remain in a holiday mood. People go out for holidays in the country during the New Year time.

Visitors mingle the Christmas and the New Year holidays and set out for adventure and fun. Fireworks light up the sky at the stroke of midnight.

The night sky lights up with innumerable colorful firecrackers. All the hues of colors dazzle in the night and welcome the New Year.

Special dishes are prepared in the every house during this time of the year. This is the time when the family enjoys meal together. Grand dinners are arranged in the star hotels of Monaco on New Year.

The discos and other entertainment center are packed with people who dance till the wee hours of morning and party hard.

People are also seen enjoying gaming or dancing in the hotels parties. The culturally rich country, Monaco also organizes special cultural events in this day.