New Year traditions of the different countries

New Year's Traditions in Ireland

There's simply no better way of starting off your New Year than celebrating it in Ireland, as we do know how to throw a party! New Year's Eve is a huge occasion in Ireland, with family gatherings, lots of New Year gala balls and some lively street parties.

New Years Eve in Jamaica

New Year is one of the few celebrated times of the year in the lives of the people of Jamaica. New Years Eve in Jamaica is one big and extended celebrations time, which everyone willingly becomes a part of, for many varied purposes.

Lao New Year

Pi Mai Lao or Lao New year is the liveliest holiday of the year and one that everyone looks forward to, as it is a time when many people visit their families all over the country.

New Year in China

If you are in China at the time of New Year you will hear people wishing you Gung Hay Fat Choy. Don't get worried, it is Happy New Year in Chinese.

New Years Eve in Serbia

Belgrade - Serbian partygoers and caterers happily exploit an atavistic calendar to celebrate New Year's parties on December 31 and January 13, with an Orthodox Christmas in between.

New Year in Greece

After Christmas, the children impatiently await the New Year (Protohronia) because that's when St. Basil (Ayios Vasilis) delivers their gifts.


Nooruz – a holiday of spring and the beginning of the new year for Iranians, Caucasians and the Turkic peoples.

New Year Traditions in Cyprus

January 1st is an important date in both Greece and Cyprus because it is not only the first day of the New Year but it is also Saint Basil’s Day.

New Year's Eve in Estonia

Estonia celebrates New Year on the date of January 1, according to Georgian calendar.

New Year's Eve in Sweden

Sweden celebrates its New Year on January 1, according to Georgian calendar. During the time of New Year, Sweden is under extreme cold climatic conditions, even colder than the weather during Christmas.

New Year In Cambodia

Cambodian New Year or the Chaul Chnam Thmey (New Year in Khmer-Cambodian language) is celebrated for three days. According to the Gregorian Calendar, it falls on April 13th or 14th . New Year in Cambodia represents the end of the harvesting season.

New Year in Croatia

New Year is celebrated here on the eve of 31st December and on 1st of January every year in many countries of the world. New Year is celebrated to say good bye to the previous year and welcome the coming year. This day is quite famous throughout the world. People from all castes and creed come together to celebrate this day.

New Year celebration in Kazakhstan

One of the most favorite holidays for the Kazakh people is considered New Year. This holiday was celebrated in the territory of Kazakhstan beginning from mid-XIX century when Russian migrants settled there.

Moroccan New Year

New Year in Morocco is celebrated with enthusiasm and dedication by all sections of people. Though there is an ethnic diversity in Morocco, the country is rich in culture. With the migration of Morocco by the French and the Spanish, there is a strong western influence in the lifestyle of the people. The New Year in Morocco is celebrated in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants.