New Year in Liechtenstein

New Year in Liechtenstein
New Year in Liechtenstein is celebrated always in a different way every year.

Liechtenstein located in the western part of Europe has a unique way of ushering in the New Year.Watching the celebration of New Year in Liechtenstein is an experience that is not to be missed.


New Year in Liechtenstein in the olden days was celebrated in a particular way.

New Year, as the name suggests is actually celebrating the last day of the old year and the first day of the coming year.

But Liechtenstein had a history of celebrating on the 6th day of the New Year also. This celebration was termed as the 'party of the Christmas tree'.

The people used to head to a restaurant known as Kulm restaurant where a fully decorated Christmas tree would be kept on the dance floor.

After the celebrations, a kind of auction used to be held where the branches of the tree were auctioned off. But this celebration was discontinued once the World War II started.

Today, other kinds of celebrations are held in this small country. The village of Triesenberg follows a practice where the first person to wake up on New Year day is given the name 'Tillitap'.

This title is treated with great honor and pride. Every year people of this village compete to wake up first on the New Year morning. Also the person to wake up last is termed as the lazy one and is called 'Silvester'.

All these practices are enjoyed with light hearted humor. No matter who wins or loses, everyone enjoys a great time.

New Year is a time for celebration for all. The village of Triesenberg also holds a ceremony where all the unmarried, young and eligible men gather at the middle of the village and then one by one visit the homes of all the unmarried girls.

This is a very popular ritual that is followed every year. It gives the youth of village a chance to get to meet each other.

New Year celebrations in Liechtenstein do not leave the children disappointed. New Years' day is the time when all the small children visit their god parents and are presented with gifts and items. It is their favorite time of the year.

Apart from these unique practices, Liechtenstein celebrates its new year by partying all through the night. They also have a practice of forming a group and going to different homes to wish everyone for the New Year individually.

Liechtenstein may be a small country but the people know how to celebrate and welcome the New Year with a lot of music and delight. It is an event that should be experienced.