New Year in Croatia

New Year in Croatia
New Year is celebrated here on the eve of 31st December and on 1st of January every year in many countries of the world. New Year is celebrated to say good bye to the previous year and welcome the coming year. This day is quite famous throughout the world. People from all castes and creed come together to celebrate this day.


Celebrations for the New Year in Croatia begin well in advance. Generally during New Year the main squares as well as the central plazas of the cities and towns of this country are well decorated.

Croatia New Year forms the platform for a collective merrymaking. A number of entertainment programs are held on this day. These programs continue till the wee hours of the morning.

These recreational programs have many of the finest musicians from this country. Many guest artists are called to perform on this day in Croatia.

The city of Dubrovnik is well known for its colorful New Year celebrations. This place is quite popular among the visitors.

This place provides the finest setting for the biggest bash of the year. Streets in this country are filled with people from the country as well as other parts of the world. People on this day forget all differences and celebrate this day as one.

You will find many private and public parties being hosted on this day. The nightclubs, pubs as well as many restaurants remain open on this day till very late in the night.

You can party and even dine out while you are in this country during the New Year.

New Year in Croatia will be a fun-filled experience for you and your family.