Best Country: International cuisine in different countries

Benin cuisine

Beninese cuisine is known in Africa for its exotic ingredients and flavorful dishes. Beninese cuisine involves lots of fresh meals served with a variety of sauces. Meat is usually quite expensive, and meals are generally light on meat and generous on vegetable fat.

Nauru Food

Cultivation is difficult on Nauru owing to the poor soil, irregular rainfall and the impact of mining. There are no local fruit or vegetables and most of the available food is canned, refined and imported.

The Regional Cuisine of Austria

As I have stated in the article on the "Wiener Küche", the "Vienna Cuisine" is sort of a national standard. Beyond that, there are many styles and dishes that are typical for a particular region of Austria. Based on the provinces, this article now shows some of the local highlights going from West to East.

Food in Albania

Albanian cuisine is excellent, with both Ottoman and Italian influences evident. There are many good restaurants throughout the country, although obviously in smaller towns the choice is more limited than in the cities. Vegetarians will find themselves eating a lot of salad; luckily for them, Albanian tomatoes and cucumber are delicious.

Traditional Italy Foods

"The main characteristic of Italian cooking," according to the Italian Tourist Board website, "is its healthy balance, the excellent basic ingredients being simply cooked and retaining their original goodness and freshness. Simple and yet with such a variety of flavours and rich inventiveness in preparation, that even the most demanding gourmet is delighted."