Traditional Food From Norway


The traditional foods of Norway are influenced by the northern European country's vast shoreline, well-established dairy farms and short summer season. As a result, you will find the Norwegian table laden with fish, rich cheeses, and root vegetables and berries.


Fish and Seafood

The dish that has brought Norway's gastronomy notoriety is lutefisk, or dried cod that has been steeped in lye, resulting in a pungent, gelatinous fish specialty traditionally eaten pre-Christmas.

Local salmon, herring, fresh cod and crab are consumed more frequently.

Meat and Game

Despite lutefisk's popularity, Norwegians consider fårikål, lamb served with cabbage and peppercorns, to be their country's national dish. Further north, game meats and birds, such as reindeer and grouse, are commonly served.

Breads and Cakes

The traditional Norwegian bread is a flat crispbread typically eaten at summer picnics in the countryside. Holidays feature a variety of spiced biscuits and cookies, as well as layer cakes finished with fresh whipped cream and fruit jams.


Two popular Norwegian cheeses include gammelost, which is a sour milk cheese, and geitost, which is a brown goat's milk cheese that many find tastes like caramel.

Fruits and Vegetables

Norway is traditionally known for its root vegetables such as the rutabaga.

Mushrooms, particularly chanterelles, are also popular side dishes.

Currents and strawberries are eaten fresh or preserved, and high-quality apples and cherries are grown in Norway.