Monaco – Cuisine


With Mediterranean as its coast line, Monaco spread out on the elevated hills is one of the most exciting spot of Europe.


As many tourists find this place as an extension of France, the cuisine of Monaco has its Mediterranean character with fish, sea foods, fresh vegetables, rice and olive oil as the basic meal of Monaco. Fish industry is one of the main sources of income of Monaco, with the Nice River and the Mediterranean Sea close to it.

Not only for the consumption purpose but for exporting too this industry is given much importance.

Cod fish is the main food served along with wine during festival cuisine. As Monaco has both the French and Italian influences in the past, the cuisine too depicts the same. The fine combination of sweet and sour recipes forms the main food of Monaco.

Pastas from Italy and different fish dishes with a dash of lime give the unique taste to its cuisine.

The national food of Monaco is ‘Stocafi’ which has cod as the main ingredient. This food is combined with tomato sauce to make it irresistible. Pastries are common along Monaco. The Barbagiuan and the Fougasse are the favorite pick of the locals and tourists there.

Rice and pumpkin stuffed pastry of Barbagiuan and the unique blend of orange flower water, nuts, almonds and aniseed pastry Fougasse cannot be missed during your visit in Monaco. Another food with Monaco’s identity is Socca.

Chick pea flour is processed and made as pan cakes and are called Socca in Monaco. Fine wines, coffee, hot chocolate, milk and fresh fruit juices are the popular beverages in Monaco.

You can find any type of cuisine in Monaco as there are varieties of restaurants there. The bills of the restaurants include 15% service charge.

Place des Armes is the best place to taste the authentic traditional foods of Monaco at cheaper rate at the open air dining enjoying the fresh sea breeze.