Romanian Cuisine


The rich and tasty food in Romania is an influence of foreign settlers that have occupied the land in the past. Nations such as Greeks, Hungarians, Germans and Turks.


These past influences have allowed Romania to create its is own unique gastronomy. Pork is the favourite main dish among most Romanians but you will also find great beef, lamb and chicken dishes.

Savouring fish dishes are typical of the Danube Delta. Most meals are complemented by soup which is a national specialty in Romania.

Also a variety of delicious cakes can be found on special events and holidays.

Here are a few of Romania's national dishes not to be missed:

COIRBA - A sour soup made from fermented bran, bacon, potatoes and beef or chicken.

MITITEI (Pronounced Meech) - Minced Meat Rolls with aromatic herbs.

TOCHITURA - A hearty meat stew seasoned with onions and/or spices.

MAMALIGA - Made from corn, a staple food that can be prepared in a variety of ways.

The Local Beverage

A meal in Romania is incomplete without a drink of the local spirit, tuica. A plum brandy usually enjoyed before a meal along with some appetizers.

It varies in strength, dryness and smell according to the region. But if you attempt this drink beware it does have a kick to it!

Romania is also home to some excellent wine and beer.

Ursus, means Bear, is among one of the best beers.