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Hungary: Political structure


Official name

Hungarian Republic

Form of state

Multiparty republic

Legal system

Based on the constitution of 1949, substantially altered in October 1989


National legislature

Unicameral parliament of 386 members, of whom 176 are elected from single-member constituencies.

Constitutionally, supreme power is vested in parliament. The Constitutional Court has powers to overturn parliamentary decisions and government decrees deemed to contradict the constitution

Electoral system

Universal direct suffrage over the age of 18

National elections

April 9th and 23rd 2006 (parliamentary) and June 7th 2005 (presidential); next elections scheduled for 2010 (parliamentary, presidential and municipal)

Head of state

President, currently Laszlo Solyom, who was elected to a five-year term by parliament on June 7th 2005

National government

A centre-left minority government, led by Ferenc Gyurcsany and comprising the Hungarian Socialist Party; the SZDSZ-Hungarian Liberal Party left the government in April 2008. The government currently has 190 seats in parliament

Main political parties

Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP); Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Union (Fidesz); Christian Democratic People's Party (KDNP); Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF); SZDSZ-Hungarian Liberal Party (SZDSZ).