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Famous Places in Hungary


The fact that Hungary is divided into 3 climatic zones makes the climate of the place anomalous. The best time to visit Hungary is during spring when flowers are in full bloom and there is an air of freshness everywhere. The cities are vibrant, full of activity and you will enjoy being a part of the fun, frolic, and excitement. So, you can make the best use of this period to visit the famous places in Hungary.



Budapest has many interesting places that you must visit when you travel to Hungary. Some of the places of tourist attraction are Applied Arts Museum, Andrassy Ut, Basilica of St Stephen, Bela Bartok Memorial House, Budapest Eye, and Buda Hills etc. In order to tour these places, you should have enough time as a week may not suffice to see all the places around.


The city is basically a metropolis and you will find the biggest Protestant church of the country here. There are many museums that you can pay a visit to and this generally takes up most of the time, when you travel to Debrecen, one of the famous places in Hungary.

Kiskunsag National Park

This is basically a collection of islands which is spread over an area of 760 sq km. The park has ponds that are alkaline, there are museums and horse shows are conducted at regular intervals for the tourists. To get a closer view of how the horses tread at their highest pace, you can undertake the Bugac tour.

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, also referred to as the "Hungarian Sea", is often used as a getaway for the Hungarians to escape the scorching summer heat. The lake is 15 km in width and 78 km in km in length. The southern coast of the lake has resorts as well as sky high hotels.

Other attractions of this place include shacks or make-shift stalls on the beach, food stalls etc. The lake is also safe for children. And you can help them if they want to take a dip in the lake.

Danube Bend

Danube is Europe's second largest river. It creates a roadway between up to northern Budapest. Some of the places you can visit in Danube Bend are Szentendre, Hilltop Citadel, Vac, Christian Museum, and Borzsony and Pilis Hills etc.


Visegrad is the most beautiful part of the Danube Bend. Two places that are must-see are the Citadel and Renaissance Palace.

The famous places in Hungary mentioned above are just some of them. You can as well explore few other places too. These include -

Nagykanizsa etc