Food in Hungary - Culinary Delights beyond Paprika and Goulash


Experiencing Hungary’s food is the best way for learning about Hungarian culture and traditions. Although goulash and paprika are the most well known Hungarian food, we will prove that Hungarian cuisine is much more than these two widely-known components.


Traveling through Hungary you will quickly notice that the food changes as much as the landscape itself.

Every region has got its own special food that encompass a wide variety of fishes, poultry, vegetable and meat and of course cakes in all styles. Beside the traditional way of cooking, which is mostly very substantial, healthy and balanced diet is capturing Hungarian kitchens.

From the Balcan to the Alps you get the taste kinds of bread, a wide assortment of special chees and other dairy products. But big events like weddings, christmas markets or pig killing let forget all about these.

Here are traditional hungaryan foods as goulash, chicken paprikas, stuffed cabbage, or strudel and many other tidbits a must.

Hungarian cuisine

Maybe you have already heard about delights of Hungarian cuisine. Traditional Hungarian dishes abound in piquant flavors and aromas. Dishes are flavourful, spicy and often even heavy. People with a sensitive stomach should be careful.

Flavours of Hungarian dishes are based on centuries old traditions in spicing and preparation methods. The exquisite ingredients are produced by local farmers.

Regional Cuisine

Discover the modern hungarian cuisine which is influenced by the light mediterranean way of cooking as well as traditional regional specialties, which are delicious and distinctive.