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Budapest is the capital of Hungary

With the Danube River as its pulse, Budapest beats to a rhythm of indomitable spirit cloaked in beauty and charm. And no wonder. The Hungarian capital is exquisitely laid out on both sides of the Danube, claiming one of the most spectacular panoramic views in all of Europe.


Famous Places in Hungary

The fact that Hungary is divided into 3 climatic zones makes the climate of the place anomalous. The best time to visit Hungary is during spring when flowers are in full bloom and there is an air of freshness everywhere. The cities are vibrant, full of activity and you will enjoy being a part of the fun, frolic, and excitement. So, you can make the best use of this period to visit the famous places in Hungary.


Easter traditions in Hungary

Easter is a two-day holiday in Hungary, celebrated with great fanfare and religious fervor. The holidays are enjoyed to the fullest by the Hungarians. People celebrate the occasion by following customs that are native to their homeland. A number of interesting folk customs are still alive in the European country, which make the festivities colorful. Out of the customs, sprinkling perfumed water and egg-painting are very popular and are followed even today. Go through the following lines to know all about the celebrations of Easter in Hungary and various customs followed for the same.