Silvester in Salzburg: New Year's Eve

The 31st of December is the day of Saint Sylvester - therefore, Austrians refer to New Years Eve as "Silvester". Salzburg offers a range of attractive activities every year that make it a popular destination for many people who want to have a good time welcoming the new year.

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Where to find endangered delicacies

One of travel's greatest joys is experiencing different cultures through food. But, paradoxically, the ease of global travel is putting local cuisines at risk. As businesses begin to cater to travellers who expect familiar tastes, less mainstream flavours may drop right off the menu.

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Five great European cities for Christmas markets

Picture the glow of medieval squares illuminated by thousands of sparkling lights. Imagine gingerbread-style stalls where artisans offer traditional crafts that threaten to banish gifts of boring neckties and fruitcakes for eternity. Marvel at iPod-toting children falling under the spell of low-tech charms like wooden toys, ice rinks and vintage merry-go-rounds.