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Geography of Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world completely bordered by land.


The majority of the country is located in Asia but a small land mass can be found in Europe. The Kazakhstan population map shows many highly inhabited cities. Its physical map shows its vast plains and mountains and includes many rivers and lakes.

Bordering Countries

Kazakhstan borders five countries. These countries include Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and China's autonomous region of Xinjiang Uygur. Kazakhstan is the fourth largest country in Asia by land mass at 1,049,155 square miles. It falls behind Russia, China, and India.


Kazakhstan has many highly populated cities. It is the 62nd most populated country in the world.

Its capital, Astana, is the fifth most populated city in the country. Almaty is the country's largest city by population with approximately 1,472,866 people. Shymkent, Karagandy, Taraz, and Astana follow Almaty by population rank.