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Romania Lakes and Rivers


The Romania lakes and rivers constitute an extensive network interspersing the entire land of Romania. The country has radial-shaped river network. The Carpathian Mountains are the source of 98% of the river bodies.


Originating from the Carpathian, the rivers flow either directly into the Danube or channelize into tributaries that finally run into the latter.

Danube is Europe's second longest river with a length of 2,860 km. Sulina, Chilia and Sf. Gheorghe are Danube's 3 branches.

Danube drains into the Black Sea through these 3 tributaries. The Danube Delta has been formed at the mouth of their drainage.

The principle rivers are Siret, Olt, Mures, Prut, Arges and Somes.

There are about 3,500 lakes in Romania. Glacial lakes are mostly present in the Carpathian Mountains.

Lake Bucura is the largest glacial lake in Romania.Razim and Sinoe, the lakes along the Black Sea coast, are 2 important lakes of Romania.

Lake Rotund, Lake Bistret, and Lake Suhaia constitute the meadow lakes of Romania.

On the river Danube are based the storage lakes for generation of power. These are arificial man-made lakes. The storage lakes on the river Prut and the Bicaz river are also quite important.

Romania lakes and rivers are truly heavenly for the Romania fishermen. Pisiculture, is a common occupation of the Romanians.

Fish like pike, carp, catfish and sturgeon inhabit the Romania lakes and rivers in hundreds. Romania fishery industry is thus very much prosperous owing to the innumerable lakes and rivers of Romania.