Valentine's Day in Romania

Romania is a country situated in southeastern and central Europe. Romania is the green gem of Europe which has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest. It has almost 400 unique species of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians in Romania. Official language of this nation is Romanian. Bucharest is the capital of this culturally rich country. Romania's tourism is focused on country's panoramic landscapes and its rich history.


Romanian Wedding Traditions

Wedding is one of the most interesting family traditions, in all cultures around the world. It supposes different customs for different people, which can be of religious, economical, legislative and folklore nature. The Romanian folk rituals are performed in order to bring about happiness, prosperity, social integration and fecundity to the young couple. These rituals vary from region to region, but one of common elements is the popular costumes the bride and the groom have to wear and which are full of symbolism.


Easter traditions in Romania

Easter in Romania is celebrated according to the rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Easter entire season consists of Flowers Saturday (Lazarus’ Saturday), Palm Day (Flowers Day), Great Thursday, Great Friday, Easter, The Small Fountain and Good People’s Easter. Each of these has small interesting rituals. The Easter celebration goes on for a long week and finally wraps with Good People’s Easter celebrated in honor of the ancient spirits.