Coffee in Romania

Coffee in Romania
When in Romania, do as the Romanians do . . . and don't drink coffee in a coffee house ! Choose an aperitif instead. With your Dubonnet or Vermouth, you will also receive a portion of cheese, accompanied by olives, onions, tomatoes, radishes ‑ or perhaps meatballs, or various kinds of cold meats. Rinse it down with a good wine or tzuica.


If you are wondering when and where the Romanians drink their coffee ‑ after a meal, when they consider it a must.

Coffee in Romania automatically means Turkish coffee ‑ strong, black and sweet. If you want any other sort of coffee, you must be specific

Nescafe ‑ instant, with or without milk

Expresso ‑ Italian style coffee

Cafea cu lapte ‑ coffee with milk

Marghiloman ‑ Romanian style coffee, and the most expensive.

You will receive your Marghiloman in a pot, carried on à tray, with some ice cubes, sugar and most important of all, accompanied by a glass of brandy or better still, rum.

You mix the ingredients yourself in the desired proportion. It is however, served in deluxe restaurants and coffee houses only.