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Overview of Ireland


Officially name: The Republic of Ireland

Capital: Dublin

Largest city: Dublin

Official language: Irish, English

Government: Constitutional republic, Parliamentary democracy


Ireland is a state in Western Europe. The country shares its only land border with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea to the east, St George's Channel to the southeast, and the Celtic Sea to the south.


Total 70,273 km2 (119th)
Water (%) 2.00


2010 estimate 4,470,700 (120th)
Density 63.4/km2 (139th)
164.2/sq mi

Currency: Euro (?) (EUR)

Time zone

Summer (DST) IST (WEST) (UTC+1)

Drives on the left

Internet TLD: .ie

Calling code: 353