Rivers and lakes of Ireland

The main river in Ireland is the River Shannon, 386 km (240 mi), the longest river in either Ireland or Great Britain, which separates the boggy midlands of Ireland from the West of Ireland. The river develops into three lakes along its course, Lough Allen, Lough Ree, and Lough Derg. Of these, Lough Derg is the largest.


Valentine's Day in Ireland

Ireland is a known as place of Nobel Prize Winners. The four Nobel prizes came to Ireland for George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats. The legendary writer such as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce also hails from Ireland. Ireland is a place where one existentialist may want to escape to, from the maddening crowd. It is considered as the third largest island of Europe, is the most sought after tourist destination.


Irish Education System

Ireland has a long and honourable tradition in education. As a result of a sustained investment in this area Ireland now has one of the highest educational participation rates in the world - 81% of Irish students complete second-level and approx 60% go on to higher education. This dynamic, educated population has made its mark at home and abroad with international companies looking to Ireland again and again when hiring graduates for top class positions.