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Language and population of Great Britain


UK population about 61 million people

Over 250 languages are spoken in London

Migrants currently constitute up to 10 per cent of the UK population.



The population in UK - 60,943,912 (July 2008 est.)

England - 50,762,900
Northern Ireland - 1,741,660
Wales - 2,965,900
Scotland - 5,116,900

Nearly 84 per cent of the population in UK lives in England. In the capital city of London, the estimated population that live within the city is about 8,000,000 people.

Approximately, 4 million people on top of the 8 million that live there commute into the city from the surrounding areas between Monday to Friday.

This increases the amount of people to approximately 12,000,000 people during offices hours. From the last census, about 2.5 million workers from different countries moved to the UK to work legally between 2002-2008.


The main spoken language in the UK is English; however people use different accents depending which part of UK they come from.

Wales and Scotland use their own language with Wales speaking its completely own unique language. About 25% of the people there still speak in their native Celtic tongue called Welsh.

In some regions of Scotland, Gaelic is used as a first language (particularly in the Highlands and the Western Isles). All over Scotland, the accent is markedly stronger and some words are different but overall it is not too difficult to understand.

Over 250 languages are spoken in London. More than 10% of primary school children and 9.5% of secondary school pupils do not have English as their first language.

Migrants constitute up to 10 per cent of the UK population.

French is spoken by 2.3% of the country's population, 1.0% of Britons speak Polish reflecting the recent mass migration to the UK from Eastern Europe. 0.9% of the UK's population speak German and 0.8% Spanish. The majority of other foreign languages spoken in the UK originate from other regions of Europe, Asia and Africa.