Healthcare in Denmark

Healthcare in Denmark
The public health services are extensive and of quality Denmark’s state healthcare service is highly efficient and offers good quality care to its citizens. Its structure is decentralised; local authorities are the decision makers in executing healthcare policy. The Ministry of the Interior and Health issue guidelines, which the local authorities must follow.


The State Health Service

The Danish health service is financed by progressive income taxes.

Around 27 percent of the population have private health insurance, which usually tops up their national healthcare needs and provides cover for dentistry and expenses for medicines.

The public health insurance ensures that all citizens and resident foreigners receive the same access to the public health services. The public health insurance is financed by taxes.

Every citizen and registered long-term resident has access to state health insurance.

The insurance covers free medical consultations from doctors and specialists.

There are subsidised fees for prescription drugs, treatment from dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and psychologists.

Subsidies varies in relation to the treatment received and are subtracted from the final bill.

Citizens must register with the Danish Health Insurance service that provides them with a yellow health insurance certificate.

This document validates your cover and shows your name, address and CPR number. Children up to 16 years of age receive their own health insurance certificate but they are insured through a parent.

There are two categories of insurance groups in Denmark, simply known as Insurance group 1 and 2.

Insurance group 1 covers the majority of the population. If you belong to this group, you have to choose one doctor or health centre to act as your family GP.

The name and phone number of this doctor will be displayed on your yellow health insurance certificate.

You must bring the certificate with you when you need treatment. If your certificate is lost, damaged or stolen, you have to pay for a new one.