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Cultural features of Denmark


Denmark possesses a rich culture that has been well-preserved over the centuries. Visiting the country is sure to cater to anyone’s taste in music, the arts, history, and more. Here are some data on the culture of the Danish, and what you can expect when you come to Denmark on your vacation.


In terms of dance, Denmark has several folk dances that have been around since the 1700’s. Some examples include the Yule tree dance, or the Spillemand spil lystigt op, which is done on December 25, the Trippevals, Emmas vals, and Sjijnmyravalsen, which are Danish waltzes.

When it comes to the arts, Denmark is considered to be abundant. Perhaps among the most well-known fairy tale writers of all time was Hans Christian Andersen, born in Odense in the year 1805. His stories like Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, The Tinderbox, and the Snow Queen are featured in books and shows worldwide. The most favorite tale is the Little Mermaid, where her statue can be viewed by the docks in Copenhagen. Other notable authors who have won the Nobel Prize were Johannes Jensen, Karl Gjellerup, and Henrik Pontoppidan. Famous artists that were born in Denmark include Gutzom Borglum, who created the Mount Rushmore Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota.

The Danish are recognized for their lavish celebrations, and the biggest and most anticipated holiday of the year is Christmas. Though they celebrate this annual event for cultural reasons rather than religious ones, Denmark is said to be the place to go if you want a perfect white holiday, with Christmas villages laden with fun for the whole family. They usually start the celebration on Juleaftensdag, or Christmas Eve, and three days of merrymaking follows, each day called Juledag. For the New Year celebration, the Danish refer to it as Nytarsaften, which is welcomed with food, fireworks, and drinks.

What products is Denmark well-known for? Among the top export products of this Nordic country are dairy products, beer, wines and spirits, animal foodstuff, oil and gas, fish, and electronic equipment. The world-famous brands that have been founded in this nation include Carlsberg beers, Lego toys, as well as names in the electronics and energy industry. Large global corporations like Nokia and Dell have business centers in Copenhagen.

In the city of Aalborg in the Nordyjlland region, the finest akvavit or aqua vitae is made. The Danish Distillers company is said to be the largest producer of wines and spirits in Scandinavia, and is the top exporter of the akvavit beverage in the world. In terms of oil, Denmark actually ranks as 32nd in the world in terms of crude oil production. In terms of alternative energy sources, the Danish have developed an advance system of turbine to harness electricity from wind power.