Education in Denmark

Education in Denmark
The Danish Education System offers a wide range of education on all levels – also for people with an international background.


Basic education (Pre-school, Primary & Lower Secondary (Age 0-16)

All children living in Denmark have access to the day care centres and kindergartens.

In Denmark there are nine years of schooling for everyone from the age of seven. In addition there is pre-school class and 10th form, both of which are optional.

A few private, international schools offer education in foreign languages – mostly in English, but a few also in French and German.

Some private schools offer education in the Arabic languages. The international schools are located in Copenhagen and the big cities, except for one boarding school located in the southern part of Zealand.

Non-Danish speaking children may also attend primary and lower secondary education in the Danish folkeskole.

Some municipalities may offer an introductory programme which includes Danish language instruction as well as subject-related mother tongue lessons.

Upper secondary education (Age 16-19)

After the primary and lower secondary school a wide range of upper secondary education programmes are available.

The various kinds of upper secondary level education prepare students for higher education.

There a many opportunities for academically oriented foreigners who may, for instance, opt for an International Baccalaureate or an International Business Baccalaureate.

Read about the possibilities for young people (age 16-19), foreigners as well as Danes, to receive upper secondary education in Denmark.

Higher education

Foreign students may be admitted to Danish higher education either as guest students, international students or as regular students along with the Danish applicants.

Higher education comprises the university sector, which offers research based undergraduate and graduate programmes, as well as a parallel sector for professional bachelor and diploma programmes and more business oriented programmes.

Most higher education institutions offer courses in English, and at graduate level several English programmes such as MBA and MPA programmes are available.

Furthermore a variety of long and short programmes related to specific subjects (e.g. the police academy) as well as a number of programmes offered by the private sector (like e.g. banking) are available. For these programmes a good knowledge of Danish is required.

Life-long education

Denmark has a long-standing tradition of lifelong learning for adults, building on the idea that a prerequisite for active participation in a democratic society is to provide education for all citizens on a lifelong basis.

Courses in Danish language and culture are offered at all levels and targeted at different groups of foreigners.