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Facts About Denmark


There are many lakes and rivers in Denmark. Here are some of the largest ones and where they are located.

The largest seas in Denmark are the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.


The largest rivers in Denmark are the Guden, the Stor, the Varde and the Skjern.

The Baltic Sea is located south of Bornholm.

The North Sea is located west of Denmark

The Skjern and the Varde rivers flow flow through the middle of Denmark.

The Guden river flows through the northen part of Denmark. The Stor river flows on the southern tip of Denmark.

Denmark is a peninsula that thrusts into the North Sea.

Denmark totals16,633 square miles and a coastline of 16,057 miles.

70% of Denmarkis Jutland. Major islands around Denmark are Zealand, Fyn, Lolland, Falseterand Amager.