Danish Wedding Traditions

Danish Wedding Traditions
In Denmark, there is a traditional wedding custom of building an arch of pine branches, called the Gate of Honor, in front of the bride's family home. Another Gate of Honor is built when the couple celebrates their silver anniversary.


Wedding Receptions in Denmark

At some point during the marriage celebration the groom will disappear and the male guests all kiss the new bride.

After the groom returns his bride eventually leaves the room and all of the female guests kiss him.

At a traditional Danish reception the guests will all gather around the groom, during the dancing and festivities, to cut his tie and socks with scissors.

Traditional Danish Wedding Cake

The Danish marzipan ring cake is the customary wedding cake in Denmark.

Also called the cornucopia cake, it is made with almonds, pastilage and marzipan.

On the outside, the cake is beautifully decorated with sugar work. On the inside it is filled with fresh fruit, candy and almond cakes.

To avoid bad luck, the newlyweds cut the cake together as a married couple and all of the reception guests must eat a piece.