Valentine's Day in Denmark


Denmark, a founding member of NATO and the OECD, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and the senior member of the Kingdom of Denmark. The national language, Danish, has very close resemblance to Swedish and Norwegian languages. they share strong cultural and historical ties Denmark has the best business climate in the world, according to the US business magazine Forbes. Denmark has very beautiful cities such as Copenhagen, Arhus,Odense, Aalborg,Esbjerg, Randers, Kolding where people celebrate their valentine's day to a full blast. In Denmark, Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February with intense joy and excitement. In Denmark, Valentine's Day is considered as a youth day.


People of the age group of 18 to 30 participate in Valentine's Day celebration more than any other age groups. People usually take a full day off for celebrating the event in a full extend.

Valentine's Day Traditions in Denmark

Danish sweethearts celebrate Valentine's Day in a very conventional way. Some Danish traditional romantic activities are associated with the valentines' day celebrations. Young people in Denmark still believe in their tradition and faithfully follow them. It's believed that if one follow the Valentine's Day with proper care, their love life will get fulfilled. The three most popular traditions of Danish Valentine's Day are:

White Flowers

People celebrate the Valentine's day with custom of White Flower' with immense love and care. `White flowers are called as `snow drops' in Denmark on Valentine's day. This ritual of gifting `Snow drops' to beloved people is so popular in Denmark .As per the ritual, boys and girls exchange the `white flowers' on this day to get their love life fulfilled.


In Denmark, young couples become cousins of Shakespeare on Valentine's Day. Yes, they write beautiful romantic poems on the day. They write some special poems for their beloved, pointing out the character traits of their sweethearts in a romantic and humorous way. These love poems are known as `Gaekkebrev.' It a common practice that the sender of gaekkebrev to write a rhyme for his beloved. He is not supposed to put his name on the card but he should sign the card and sent it to his sweethearts. The girl who receives the card should guess and find out the sender. If she wins, she will be rewarded with the `Easter egg'.

Lover's Card

As in any part of the world, cards are very essential thing in Denmark Valentine's Day. The ritual of 'lover's card' is the most popular and romantic Valentine's Day gift in Denmark. In early day, these cards were prepared in the form of transparent cards which had a photo of the lover presenting his/her beloved a romantic gift. Nowadays, any card which has the love messages is called 'Lover's card'. Denmark shops will be flooded with greeting card on the Valentines as it is in US or Australia.


Denmark loves to celebrate great parties on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is considered as a get together day for very body in Denmark. People exchange different flowers, gift baskets, and cards to their near and dear ones. Restaurant arranges special valentine's dinner parties for couples. Live music concerts are the other main attraction of the Valentine's Day. The famous music bands come to Denmark to perform shows on this day. Game shows, fun competition, art exhibitions will be arranged on the day. People boom party halls and lounges for an extravagant valentine celebration. People take interest in visit the 'little mermaid', den Lille havfure in Copenhagen and the famous Tivoli amusement park on this day. Danish people also visit holiday spots and Spas on this day.