Bosnia and Herzegovina


Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina is grossly under-funded. Limitations in the health system flourish because of lack of skills, motivation, suitable information technology and links between operational centres like the health insurance institutions, the public health institutions and health care facilities.


Water source of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Most of the watercourses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are international waterways – the Sava forms the country’s border in the north, the Una contributes to the western border, and the eastern border largely consists of the Drin.


New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated with special songs, greetings as well as gifts. There are celebrations and festivals on the eve of New Year and the country provides its own styles. There is huge fireworks display on New Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many different activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that people indulge in during the New Year time.