Bosnia and Herzegovina


Money of Bosnia and Herzegovina

What Is the Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM)?

The Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM) is the national currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is comprised of 100 subunits called fenings and was first introduced in 1995.


Christmas Tree of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Traditional Bosnia-Herzegovina Christmas Greeting: Srethi Prazhici (Happy Holidays)

Depending upon religious affiliation, some Bosnians celebrate Christmas, while others celebrate New Year’s Day.
Traditional holiday foods include pojaca and hjleb, tasty traditional breads.

Sarma (a cabbage, beef and rice dish) is also served for the holidays.


Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina is grossly under-funded. Limitations in the health system flourish because of lack of skills, motivation, suitable information technology and links between operational centres like the health insurance institutions, the public health institutions and health care facilities.