Bosnia and Herzegovina


Embassy addresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Most visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina are trouble-free but visitors should be aware that there is a threat from terrorism. There is also a global risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners.


Christmas Tree of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Traditional Bosnia-Herzegovina Christmas Greeting: Srethi Prazhici (Happy Holidays)

Depending upon religious affiliation, some Bosnians celebrate Christmas, while others celebrate New Year’s Day.
Traditional holiday foods include pojaca and hjleb, tasty traditional breads.

Sarma (a cabbage, beef and rice dish) is also served for the holidays.


Political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina were created by the Dayton Agreement, which recognized a second tier of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina comprising two entities—a joint Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) (mostly Bosniak and Croat) and the Republika Srpska (RS) (mostly Bosnian Serb entity) -- each presiding over roughly one half of the state's territory. Today, all three ethnic groups have an equal constitutional status on the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.