Albanian Wedding Traditions


The wedding day is a memorable day in almost every culture. But for centuries it has had a special place in Albanians life. There are some core events that compose the whole Wedding party.


Weddings last one week

Traditional Albanian weddings are rather epic – they begin seven days before the ceremony. Especially at the home of the groom the wedding starts one week before. The guests sing songs and dance characteristic dancing. It is like a big party that involves the whole village, or neighborhood. The wedding party of the brides usually is held on Wednesday or on Saturday. Whereas the groom’s wedding ceremony, one day after, on Thursday or on Sunday.

Bride’s Dowry

As a rule the bride brings to groom’s house her dowry. The dowry is not money but contains presents to all the groom’s relatives, different types of embroidery, pillows, blankets, carpets, even bedroom furnitures. But this tradition changes from region to region.

On the other hand, the groom has to send to the bride’s family presents and money. There are special presents to the bride such as: clothes for all four seasons, golden jewelry, expensive watch etc.

Krushqit (groom maids)

Krushqit are a type of groom’s maids. They accompany the groom and go to take the bride form her family, on the wedding day. The firs groom maid is his uncle, but the group is really big usually consisting of more than 10 people, singing and dancing. They travel to the bride in decorated cars. The main car is that of the new couple, and next to this comes a car, which holds the Albanian Flag.

The flowers to the bride

A little kid, the youngest from the groom’s family holds a bunch of flowers to send them to the bride.

Bride’s cry

After the groom and his relatives arrive at bride’s home, they take her with them. This is a moving moment. Usually bride and her family cry altogether because the bride is leaving her father’s house to go to a new one.

Gun Fire

When the bride arrives at groom’s home there are guns on fire, to express the joy of this moment, and a kind of victory.

Honey and Bread

At the door of the house, there stands the mother-in-law singing and waiting for the bride to give her honey and bread to eat. This is done wishing that their relationship is going to be sweet as the honey.

Money under the Sandals

When the bride enters her new home, a little boy waits to take off her sandals. There he finds some money, hidden there intentionally. After that, the same boy is sit on the bride’s lap, to bring her good luck in giving birth to male children.

Traditional dance and a lot of money

The wedding ceremony involves a traditional bride-groom dance in which all the family and friends get involved, during the course of which everyone gives them money or attaches bank notes to them.